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Helping Hands Tax Service was formed to help non-profit organizations by Teachers' Tax Service. Our reason were twofold:

First, As not everyone needs or wants to have a professional tax preparer prepare their return, but needs to have professional software with e-filing capability. We wanted to offer an option to purchasing software that would be beneficial to everyone instead of just the two large corporations selling the software.

Secondly, we want people to help organization that are helping people and our planet. Thus the idea of Helping Hands was born.

We have priced the software at or below what the two big names offer the software for, and then we donate 20% of the revenue to whatever non-profit organization you would like to receive the 20%. If you don't have a favorite charitable organization we will donate the money to the Steve Nash Foundation.






Teachers' Tax Service
Teachers' Tax Service is for educators that wish to have their tax returns professionally prepared at one of our offices. They are also priced with an educators budget in mind, and offer several discount programs.

Internal Revenue Service website.

Drake Software
Drake Software has been in business since 1977. For the 2011 tax year Drake Software had more than 21 Million Federal & State Accepted Returns

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